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"Reclaim Your Balance Within"

Michelle Adair -Emotional Body Worker --Massage Therapy--Energy Healing_

Thank you for visiting my page! I have many special healing modalities to help bring your body and mind back into harmony. If you are looking for a way to reduce pain, bring the body back into balance known as "Anastasis"

I have always been an intuitive healer and deeply connect with my clients in order to "listen to the language the body speaks". I am also clairvoyant and can "sense" what the individual may need during the session.

What makes my massage services different from others?

I truly care about my clients, my community, and those around me. My way of giving back to the world is to be in service for the Divine Spirit and humanity.
My foundation of massage work or Reiki Healing Touch sessions comes from a place of Spiritual Divine healing. Each session I hold sacred and pray for the highest good for all of my clients.

Massage Background

I am a massage graduate from Center for Massage & Natural Health in Asheville, NC obtaining my license in 2016. I have practiced in Southern West Virginia, Asheville, NC, and Gallup , NM.
Relocating to Thoreau, NM in 2018 to teach elementary school for the mission and for the Navajo Nation community. I do enjoy sharing the gift of massage and Reiki . Currently I offer mobile massage and Reiki on a part time, weekend basis @ (Bright Life Arts Studio, Gallup, NM) and In Grants, NM. **By Appointment Only at this time. **

My Energy Healing Background

Since 2002, I have been practicing Reiki for my own healing journey. I was in search for a natural remedy to help with my anxiety and stress. My mother, Barbara Aguilar, LPN and Reiki Master herself, gave me my 1st Reiki Attunement and training in 2002.
I soon followed with Level 2 in 2005 and then my Teacher/Master Level in 2011. I practice traditional Usui Reiki and Violet Flames Reiki after completing my studies from Reiki Blessings Academy. I also take CEU classes on a regular basis from UDEMY and Melissa Crowhurst Natural Healer. I truly enjoy helping others find more peace and balance in their lives.
I have 4 Reiki Mentors, and honor those who have taught me on my energy healing training:

Barbara Aguilar (Mother)

Fiona Wadell (Life Coach & Reiki Mentor/Canada)

Andrea Kennedy (Mainstream Reiki) Mentor /Michigan

Marsha Burack (Reiki Master-Author Writer of Reiki-Healing Yourself & Others CA

Reiki Blessings Academy-Violet Flames Reiki- By: Dharmadevi CA

Melissa Crowhurst-Udemy Instructor-Energy Healing Massage Method-Natural Healer

My Specialty Services

  • Mobile Reiki & Massage Services (Usui Reiki & Violet Flames Reiki)
  • Blissful Indian Head Massage
  • Aromatherapy Massage & "AROMATOUCH" Massage dOTERRA
  • Flower Essence Consultations (Emotional Balance) ONLINE
  • Love Card & Angel Card Readings ONLINE (offering soon)
  • Mobile Chair Massage & Energy Healing
  • Online Reiki & Wellness Classes
  • Emotional Healing With Essential Oils Consultations -ONLINE

Coming soon!

"Chakra Dance" Therapeutic Dance Classes for Transformation (Online & In Person-Saturdays & Monday) Reboot Your Chakra Online E course.

5 Elements Yoga & Stories for Kids

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Offering Massage Therapy, & Energy Healing Sessions

By Appointment Only


Bright Life Arts Studio. 114 E. Coal Ave. Gallup, NM
Downtown Grants, NM

Saturdays & Sundays 1-5 pm PM By Appointment Only

Online Offerings

I offer weekly classes every Tuesday at 7PM MST on Zoom!

Once you register, a Zoom link will be emailed to you!

  • "Stay Calm & Reiki On" - A Reiki Daily Self Care Practice. Guided Meditations.
  • "Virtual Monthly Reiki Share" for Practitioners, students, and those wanting to receive Reiki.
  • "Reiki Curiosity" An Introduction Class to Energy Healing for Newbies.
  • Wellness Talks-Second Tuesday's I will share a natural healing alternative tips such as "Essential Oils for Emotional Well Being" & other tips, "Emotional Freedom Techniques", and "Guided Meditations with Movements".

  • Reiki Level 1 and 2 classes are now being offered one weekend a month and on Wednesday & Thursday evenings from 5pm-7:30pm MST. on Zoom.
  • Must Register in Advance
  • November 13-14 (Sat/Sun) 11am to 2pm MST Energy Healing Level 1 on Zoom.
  • November 17-18 (Wed/Thur) 5pm to 7:30Pm MST. Energy Healing Level 1. Zoom
  • December 11-12 (Sat/Sun) 11am-2pm MST. Energy Healing Level 2 on Zoom.
  • December 12-16 (Wed/Thur) 5pm-7:30Pm MST Energy Healing Level 2 on Zoom.

You may also visit www.massagebook.com/michelleadair to book online.

Call or text for availability


Thank you for visiting!

Love & Light,