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The Southwest Healing Arts Collective

Formerly known as Nature's Intention, was an idea that began over 12 years ago in Charlotte, N.C after experimenting with essential oils in my kitchen to remedy a headache. I created "Headache/Migraine Relief" to help soothe my headaches and deal with stress. It worked! I began helping my family, friends, neighbors and soon using essential oils for almost everything!

During my search for alternative healing, I was introduced to "Reiki" also known as Energy Healing, from my mother Barbara Aguilar, a nurse and Reiki Master at the time. Once I received my first attunement for self care treatments from my mother, I witnessed a huge shift within myself to live life with more peace, spiritual harmony, and curiosity!

I knew that I wanted to continue on my healing journey and help others. I furthered my studies as a licensed massage therapist., I went on to work with many talented individuals. I learned more about energy healing practices, flower essences, essential oils and dance therapy. I moved to New Mexico in 2018 from West Virginia to teach children on the Navajo Reservation. There is much gratitude to be shown to those around me including my partner a Zuni Pueblo Native, who has taught me much about the rich cultural heritage that is around us here in the Southwest. I love in working with children and sharing the gift of healing with those around me.