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Virtual Monthly Reiki Share

Virtual Reiki Share and Meet UP is hosted by Michelle Adair on the 2nd Tuesday of every month 6pm MST through Zoom.

Reiki Practitioners and those who practice energy healing those who are students and want more practice with distant healing, those individuals who may want to receive some Reiki...are encouraged to join.

We will open and finish with a guided meditation, a healing topic for the month. Each participant will have a chance to receive healing if they wish.

We finish with sending Reiki out to the world and humanity.

This Reiki meet up is free to the public. Donations are greatly appreciated as much time is put into preparation of classes!

(Zoom link will be posted the day before the Event on Facebook Michelle Adair -Emotional Energy Bodywork and here or in the FB Group page-Anastasis Massage & Reiki Healing Group


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Distant Energy Healing One Hour Session Online
Energy Healing can be sent at a distance by special request.
Please set aside at least 30 minutes for yourself to relax and receive the healing. A special time will be set up for you to receive the healing.
Reiki is "Universal Light Energy." It is divine in nature and comes from our Holy Creator, the one supreme being who cares for all of us"
As your Reiki guide and practitioner, I will offer a prayer for guidance and to focus on your needs at that moment. Through visualization and prayer, the Reiki is sent to the receiver in real time.
Reiki can travel through time and space as the energy knows no bounds! Universal Healing Energy is everywhere!
If you are feeling out of sorts, Stressed, Feeling disconnected spiritually or from others. Feeling physical symptoms such as pain, fatigue, Reiki helps to bring a sense of calm and balance into your life. Reiki flows naturally to where it is needed and moves the "Stuck" or "heavy" energy to release back to where it came from.
I am always accepting healing and prayer requests. Feel free to email me at or you may leave requests for distant healing on my Facebook page--Michelle Adair Emotional Energy Bodywork.
$55 for a one hour session. Includes "Energy Card Reading" personal intuitive feedback for essential oils, flower essences, gemstones and more.
No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Especially in a time of great need as we are all experiencing right now on a global level. I am offering a promotion for new clients. **
First and 10th Session is $10 off.
Buy a membership-$45 for a one hour session-awarded points toward a free session!

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Free Try Reiki 15 Minute Newbie Session
Are you New to Reiki? Are you looking for alternative healing therapy for modern day stressors like felling off balance, low energy? Are you recovering or going through a chronic illness? Maybe you are looking for a more peaceful sense of well being? Then energy healing may be just the thing for you experience. Why not give it a try?
Set up your free 15 minute session with me to experience distant energy healing. First we will start with a brief information session over the phone or Zoom, ending with some distant energy healing just for you. I will follow up by email or phone call.

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New Client $10 off 1st and 10th Session!

New clients can receive $10 off their 1st and 10th session on any 60 or 90 minute massage or Reiki Session.

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