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Virtual Reiki Share & Meet Up 3rd Monday's

Virtual Reiki Share and Meet UP is hosted by Michelle Adair on the 3rd Monday of each month 6pm MST through Zoom.

Reiki Practitioners and those who practice Reiki (all modalities of energy healing are welcome) those who are students and want more practice with distant healing, those individuals who may want to receive some Reiki...

We finish with sending Reiki out to the world and humanity. Sending Love, Light and prayers for hope and healing for all.....Prayer and healing requests are also offered

This Reiki meet up is free to the public. Donations are greatly appreciated as much time is put into preparation of classes!

(Zoom Event Check pages for details)


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Virtual Self Care Saturdays

"Self Care Saturdays"

Energy Healing For Humanity

Learn about Reiki through a guided self care session. Take some time for yourself and rebalance with Reiki!
11:00-11:45 am Mountain Standard Time. (2nd Saturdays)
Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 631 377 9529
Passcode: je6ZyQ

If you are a "Newbie" to "Reiki" treatments, then this a great way to learn more about this healing modality and experience distant energy healing for yourself.

Energy Healing techniques are natural and can help manage stress, depression, anxiety, fatigue, and pain such as migraines and headaches. This is a great way to learn about alternative methods for wellbeing and self care at home.

Reiki should not and does not replace conventional medicine. However, Reiki is a wonderful tool that "compliments" Western Medicine.

You may also check out my Facebook pages below for more information on Reiki Shares, Distant Sessions, and Online Reiki Classes. I look forward to meeting and working with you!

Facebook-Nature's Intention & The Healing Collective

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Distant Energy Healing 30 Minute Sessions Online
Energy Healing can be sent at a distance by special request.
Please set aside at least 30 minutes for yourself to relax and receive the healing. A special time will be set up for you to receive the healing.
Reiki is "Universal Light Energy." It is divine in nature and comes from our Holy Creator, the one supreme being who cares for all of us"
As your Reiki guide and practitioner, I will offer a prayer for guidance and to focus on your needs at that moment. Through visualization and prayer, the Reiki is sent to the receiver in real time.
Reiki can travel through time and space as the energy knows no bounds! Universal Healing Energy is everywhere!
If you are feeling out of sorts, Stressed, Feeling disconnected spiritually or from others. Feeling physical symptoms such as pain, fatigue, Reiki helps to bring a sense of calm and balance into your life. Reiki flows naturally to where it is needed and moves the "Stuck" or "heavy" energy to release back to where it came from.
I am always accepting healing and prayer requests. Feel free to email me at or you may leave requests for distant healing on my Facebook page--Nature's Intention & The Healing Collective.
At this time, I am only accepting donations for these healing sessions. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Especially in a time of great need as we are all experiencing right now on a global level.

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Reiki Curiosity -An Intro Class for Newbies
In this interactive class, you will discover the meaning of REIKI as the "Universal Life Force" and its many benefits.
Newbies will have a better understanding of the history of Reiki and learn about it's founders such as Dr. Usui , Dr. Hayashi, and Madam Hawayah Takata (The Grand Masters of REIKI)
Newbies will also be introduced to the "5 Pillars of Reiki" and how to use them in your everyday life.
If you are just curious and wanting to know more about energy healing or would like to experience this form of alternative therapy, then this the class for YOU! No experience is needed to take this class.
Participants may receive a "5 Minute Energy Boost" and a "Healing Attunement"
**This class will give a good foundation for those who may wish to take the Reiki Level One Workshop in Gallup, NM or the Online Course.
Registration is required and spaces are limited! I suggest bringing a journal and something color with such as colored pencils.
This class will be offered online Streaming and held in person at
4 Corners Yoga Studio in Gallup, NM. This will be taught by Reiki Master/Teacher Michelle Adair.
If you have any questions or wish to register another way, you can email me at and also on my Facebook page Nature's Intention & The Healing Collective.

This is a Donation Based Workshop . Pay What You Can.