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"Spiritual Anger" How nature can help us..

By Michelle Adair

FRI JAN 29, 2021

Welcome to my first ever "Blog"! Really, my first BLOG!

A long time ago, I used to write A LOT in different journals I used to keep all through High School and even into adulthood. I find journaling to be one of the easiest ways ones can express their deepest feelings, privately and without feeling threatened. Journaling was the one sure way that I could share my many emotions safely. So the pen and paper started to become my "best friend" my loyal confidant.

Most of have been through at least one traumatic event or episode during their lifetime. This brings me to the emotion of "Anger" Anger is not a word that I associate very well with from my own personal being. It takes something very serious to truly make me angry! I have been known to be called the most laid back and cool tempered person around. Nicknames such as "Cool Breeze" in my college days and "Earthy Momma" I was recently told that I carried the healing energy and calm of Mother Mary and Qin Li. So anger, really has not been something I have had to really deal with.

Or I thought.....

I was raised Catholic and also grew up in a Southern Baptist faith that my Grandparents followed. I was taught...Love thy neighbor and you would love thyself" Gospel of Matthew 22:37-39. Most of the time I lean back into my faith to try an be more forgiving of others and most of all myself. This is something I have had to really learn how to be kinder to myself.

WE all experience anger at some level. I did not realize how much anger I was carrying with me after my divorce. It caused many health issues such as migraines and depression. I thought I was OK, but that anger was still inside of me. The Resentment was REAL.

I believe that because of my upbringing and my character, expressing my anger was extremely difficult to do! I wanted to yell back at my ex-husband many many times but I didn't. I had every right too indeed and I probably would have felt much better! This is where I wanted to touch base on the topic of "Sacred Anger". This was brought up at one of our monthly healing circles that was recently started on Facebook. Here , many individuals come together to share their thoughts, collaborate on various ways we can share our healing gifts and wisdom with others.

During this one recent meeting, we shared some of our frustrations. There was much sadness to share as well. Anger for more things than we can even imagine. As spiritual beings, as light workers, healers, we walk a path of kindness, gratitude, and love. We are striving for the most part to walk in beauty. But what happens when everything gets shaken up? Shaken up to the point where one wants to lash out or who do we get angry at? Do we get angry at the Creator because we lost a loved one, or two or three? Do we look around while on our path and see the injustices not only happening ot the human race, but our animal and planet kingdom. The stress of the Pandemic of 2020-..the losses, the setbacks..its enough to make everyone through into a rage of anger! ...How do we find our inner strength to stay level and balanced through all of this?

Prayer I believe is the best way to ask for divine help and guidance. I also know that if we are not able to forgive those who have angered us, or if we are not able to step back and reflect with a little bit of patience and still ness....it will be difficult to even pray.

This is where the divine help come in, and its some of it is through nature. Just being able to take a short walk in nature and breath in the fresh air can be deeply healing. Aromas of the plants and trees if you are able to simply touch some cedar or pine, it is very uplifting. I wanted to share this blog, that I come across many tools per se, that can help one to connect on a deeper spiritual level or to re connect for some.

Finding that spiritual connection to the one supreme being is what we all are destined for and trying to find if we loose our way. There are tools we can use in addition to prayer and meditation. One of the tools is straight out of nature and that is our plants, flowers, and trees that are used for medicinal purposes. In this blog I will briefly share with you some of the Essential Oils that are very helpful when one is feeling disconnected or just plain angry. Essential oils are wonderful for helping balancing the emotions. Again, I do not want to make this a lengthy blog for the sake of time, but I will be posting more on essential oils and how they can help with many of the emotions we experience. Below I have listed several essential oils that can help calm the nerves and help deal with bitterness, frustration, and in a nutshell, anger.

Cardamon, Thyme, Geranium, Ylang, Ylang, Spikenard, Siberian Fir, (Forgive-doterra) Tumeric, and (Doterra Past Tense Blend)

I will post another blog on how these oils work precisely for the emotions.

You may ask yourself--What did not go as I planned? Waht am I afraid of?

You could declare" ==I now have permission to recognize and validate my feelings. I now trust that all things are working together for my greatest good. --Now visualize--See yourself exchange anger for forgivness and light. Consider physical movement to release your pent-up energy.

Here are some of the essential oils that will help with Spiritual Heightening/reconnections:

Frankincense, Arborvitae, manuka, Sadalwood, Rose, Roman Chamomile, Immortelle. Clary Sage, Lemongrass,

Ask yourself--What is allowing darkness to enter in my life? May be negative thought patterns or practices) What do I need to change in my life to be more aligned with my higher power?

Declare"==you may say--I now cast off all negative or lower vibrational energies and fill myself with light and truth!

Visualize--Imagine a dark mist or cloud around you being dispelled by light and faith.

Holding any or all of these oils near you and breathing in the aromas ( a drop in your hands or in a diffuser) or being near a healing tree.

These are some of the ways that the Creator has given us these healing plants with the love vibration for the heart, mind, body and spirit. I invite you to spend some time with one of these oils or all of them. Saying the affirmations, asking yourself the questions of why am I angry?

What has HURT ME?? Most of it all boils down to being hurt in our heart center. When we can let go of this in a way that feels safe, we are able to be truly free of pain and suffering....

Just for today I will not anger.....Usui Grandmaster Mikao Usui. early 1800's.

If you are interested in using energy healing or want to learn more about essential oil feel free to reach out on my website..

Much love and Light...

Michelle Adair